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The Portrait of a Vandal is an unapologetic soldier.
The battle is one of regaining what is primarily ours, our bodies and our sexuality.


“This came like a scream, like an emotional tsunami of lines. And once you let it go through you, contemplating it feels like peace. ”

— MissMe

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“Unless you acknowledge my context, you cannot understand my outrage. I believe humans have this tendency to confuse their personal perception as ground 0 of the world. We believed the planets and the sun turned around us. We believed G created humans as “him”. Men believed they were the default human. White men wrote history as its heros… when we decentralize the world from our own little self, is when the Truth shows its complexity and diversity. To respect someone is to acknowledge their reality. To patronize is to pretend to know better and claim a single truth. As i said in my Ted talk: truth should never be written singular. The only Truth is TRUTHS ."

— MissMe


“To be born with a woman’s body is to bear the unsolicited burden of
humanity’s unresolved attitudes towards sex.
She learns to adapt to a patriarchal system that blames women for the misbehavior of men.”

— MissMe


“ It’s not about men oppressing women, it’s about the patriarchal mentality oppressing the female reality.”

— MissMe