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Pussylluminati Takeover

Pussy Propaganda in full effect.

From porn movie theater to feminist statement

Some pieces I'm proud of because of their visual power. Some others, like this one, I'm proud because of the significance.This used to be a 24/7 hardcore porn cinema. With prostitution and and a lot of undeclared sexual darkness. I took it over for this year's UnderPressure graffiti festival. And i am so thankful for the powerful opportunity to make such a statement.From object of consumption only, to subject and voice for our own sexuality and body. Taking back this shady business and owning it's storefront for ourselves. I used the old store-sign to "advertise" our message.
Don't fight the power of the pussy: love and join the power of the pussy. I promise you, we will all come out winners.

This piece created a lot of hate and controversy. No point posting the images of pure ignorance or insults... but this person really didn't get it... but they explained their point of view instead of insulting it.So for that, i took the time to answer after repairing.

As my Pussylluminati installation keeps getting vandalized, i keep repairing it and answering the outraged messages with patience and as much self control as i can ( lol ) now a few weeks back, someone decided to put a bunch of dicks on my ladies. My first reaction was “ huuuh! Dicks: OF COURSE, why do men always have to try to be part of our conversations? This is not about you, it’s about us” But then i realized it could be something else. What if it was an attempt to include trans-women in our “us”? In a more concrete way? In doubt, i repared most of them ( there was a lot of insults written on the bodies as well) but left one penis and made it very clear that whether or not this was the intention: now this IS what it will mean. Because trans-women are women.