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Abstract self-portraits


Selfies represent the complexity of Self. Our true faces, the ones eyes can’t see.

In a world where people, women especially, feel the incessant need to take and post pictures of their faces online to «exist», we also see the rapid rise of filters and the feeling of de-realization of self in the «real» world by so many. One of the traps inherent in this phenomenon is the societal conditioning that teaches women, from a young age, that much of their worth hinges upon their physical appearance. Consequently, the fear of being perceived as unattractive becomes deeply ingrained. However, there lies a profound freedom in defying these norms.

As women, we are often discouraged from displaying traits deemed unappealing or undesirable, such as anger or plainness. When we do express these facets of our humanity, we risk being dismissed, marginalized, or invalidated. These faces, captured in my selfies, offer a glimpse into a reality that transcends the veneer of social smiles and genetic features. They are like life itself, where true beauty happens only when we let go and trust the radical moment.

Dare to be complex. Dare to be angry. Dare to be ugly.