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Romeo's Gin x MissMe

romeo's gin X reflects a unique co-creation between romeo’s gin and Montreal artist Miss Me. More than just another pink gin, romeo’s gin X explores the powerful symbolisms of the “X”, commonly used by Miss Me in her work. It offers a strong contrast between harmony and opposition, With this powerful message, we have managed to create a coexistence between an artist with a rebellious and protestant message and a bold pink gin, charming and refreshing.The mission of romeo's gin have always been to feature urban artists. This time, it is multiplied. Welcome to the new era of co-creation.


Rather than simply applying Miss Me’s art into a packaging dieline, we wanted to let the work take complete possession of the container, while rallying for a powerful cause. Thanks to the power of the message, we have managed to create a coexistence between an artist with a rebellious and demanding rhetoric, and a pink gin with character, charming and refreshing. The black “X” on the front of the bottle transcends the usual romeo’s gin clean sticker lines. The artwork, black and white like all of Miss Me’s art, takes a pink hue when the bottle is full, and shows slowly its true nature as the bottle empties. All around the back label little pieces of art appear, as if Miss Me scribbled them on the bottle. The artist’s signature appears on other packaging elements as well, such as the carrying case for the bottles.  


To be born with woman's body is to bear the unsolicited burden of humanity's unresolved attitudes towards sex.She learns to adapt to a patriarchal system that blames women for the misbehaviour of men. She's taught to be ashamed of her sexuality and apologize for the power of her body.This is a portrait of an unapologetic soldier.The Portrait of a Vandal.« Through my work, I constantly seek to break down labels that oppress.I celebrate the different and free Woman. The X, omnipresent in my work, symbolizes the female’s right to say “no”. In contrast, the colour pink highlights this cry for freedom and demands the choice to define oneself. This gin and this collaboration celebrate the right to pleasure and the freedom to be oneself. » - Miss Me


We wanted to find new ways of bringing Miss Me's art to a wider audience. Therefore, we created sets of printed and digital materials, based on visual elements she often uses and handwritten messages. We also developed an AR face mask that allows anyone to try on and share some of these elements.


The launch campaign was set to be filmed in March 2020. As closures were announced, the team needed to react fast in order to be able to produce the graphic materials for the launch. A home studio was set up for the shoot, and all the photography, editing, and communication work was done remotely.