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Great Women

This is my Aspire To Inspire series, which really is my answer to the women medias and most people on social-media, choose to celebrate. And i am not just saying the media, as it it easy to see it as this exterior force. I am saying social media, as it is all of us.You may recognize Maya Angelou, Malala, Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan..I think we are not celebrating the right accomplishments. The glorification of Beauty and the normalization of Vanity aren’t accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, if a girl want’s to be beautiful and celebrate through her body only via social media: all power to her, I will always for her right to do so without being called a names. But by feeding too much into it, we contribute to feeding that "truth" that somehow these are the only ways worth celebrating and aspiring to for women. I believe these women I drew are true queens showing us all how big the power of women can be.

Maison Flora Tristan, Women Shelter in Canada.