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Fuck Politics

Lady LieBerty

This is a simple image that really is almost perceived like a contradiction. On one hand, the symbol of American freedom, higher values and independence, and superimposed a NativeAmerican head-dress, some native American elements as well as the dates 1492.

I am not trying to criticise the "idea" of freedom and the importance and validity of what Lady Liberty represents, all i am trying to say, it that by ignoring, like it is mostly done, in schools, in medias, the massacres and cultural genocide all these beautiful ideas are built on historically, it weakens the strength of these same values we champion.

Accepting the Truth of Native-Americans doesn't take away the the Truth this statue stands for. I believe that we can both, acknowledge the horrible part of this continent’s history, AND share the important values this statue symbolizes.And these are not issues of the past. As we all know that our First Nations struggle. Just a few months ago, the case against the Val d’Or police was dropped. Not just a little caseI might add, sexual abuse on Native women and forced incarceration. These are not small stories but are usually treated or felt as such.Like the fact the 2/3 of our beautiful country’s first nations were under at least 1 count of water advisory in the last couple years. Aren’t we the nation of water?? Or the fact that nearly a quarter of Indigenous people have contemplated suicide...Again we all kinda know about these issues but somehow don’t find the strength to be outraged by them... I believe we should be outraged..