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Most people don't know that our love and addiction to technology is directly linked to the deadliest war of our time since WWII.
An estimated 5.4 million people have been killed in DRC since 1998 and 45,000 deaths occur each month--a loss equivalent to the entire population of Colorado. Children soldiers are a common thing. Also, the Congo war has the highest rate of violence against women and girls in the world, and reports indicate that hundreds of thousands have been raped, making it the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman or girl.

Yet, only SILENCE? Almost no media outlets will write or talk about it. Why? Not too sure to be honest, but i think big tech companies really don't want you to be too conscious of it. I mean, IT IS a giant mess. And there is TONS of money involved. Duh.
But here is what i feel: if they manage to created such amazingly powerful and smart-advanced technology like our magical cell-phones, i really think they are smart enough to find a way to lower our consumption of #Coltan. The black tar-like mineral is the magical component that controls power-flow in your smartphones, laptops, and other high-end electronics.

I am annoyed enough with companies like Apple that force you to upgrade to a NEW phone every year as your old one MAGICALLY stops working, as it is a big waste. But more specifically, because we need to get more Coltan. New phone = more Coltan.

We are ALL linked in this World. We cannot ignore it all the time, it will only end up in suffering and destruction.
Tech companies, like fashion companies, need to be held more accountable for the way they do their business.
Estimates of Congo's fraction of the world's coltan reserves is 80%.
This information needs to be out there. Everybody should know.

Save Money, Live Better.

This series was my reaction after the Rana Plaza catastrophe in which all these brands were involved one way or another. These brands we consume...this is also what globalization is. I was completely heart broken.