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Be Your Own Muse

About Censorship. About Double Standards. About Hypocrisy. About fake wokeness. About the oppression of the Male Gaze. About not being given the Dignity of choosing WHEN we want to be sexual. About others constantly choosing FOR us. About constantly being the object yet never the subject. About quiet Erasure. About Feminism. —— We Are The Modern Witches.

Photos: Lian Benoit

“To be the muse of men artists is romanticized.
To be your own muse is said to be indecent.
Be indecent."

— MissMe

“As a woman, there’s such power in just being without trying to please. Because our society has never allowed us to take space if it wasn’t “pleasing” to the Patriarchy. We were thought that our value came from beauty and function. Dare to just be. Dare to exist for nothing else than yourself. Dare to not try to be pretty or think of how people will perceive you before you even perceive yourself. Love and care for others because you choose to, not because it’s a prerequisite to your primal validation.

— MissMe