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Hey Boy

These lyrics. I really felt like Random Recipe was saying what so many of us feel. The common scream of these lyrics and multiple faces of one common “ENOUGH” needed to be seen. The rawness of the words, the voluntary non-poetic metaphors, the riddance of “lady-like” polite language needed to be emphasized with the most simple of visuals: women talking straight into the camera. I REALLY wanted a real 6 year old to say “6years old”. I REALLY wanted an older lady to say “sucking d**cks”. Because that’s the real shit we go through. The casting was as diverse as we could make it (limited time/budget/no casting agency) via our social networks and friends. It could have been more, we know. But we did manage to get black/white/asian/First Nations/middle eastern/older/younger/cis/trans/gay/straight/non conforming/skinny/big women to want to participate. Because it really mattered to us. //// Little notes: i wanted a beautiful powerful black woman (@tali_taliwah ) on the lyric “ woman on the 20$ bill” as a reminder of the Harriet Tubman bill that keeps getting “postponed”. I also wanted an indigenous woman on the lyric “the way our bodies are sold”, as i believe indigenous women bodies are probably some of the most disrespected, dismissed and abused in Canada and the USA until this day. The silence around these abuses being yet another offense.

"I’ve been hearing about chicks sucking d*cks and shit since I was six years old On TV, magazines in movies all generating bricks of gold Kindergarten age, too young to gauge, how much was staged of all the sex they showed I think it’s sage to turn a page on the golden age of the way our body's sold "b*tch gotta show tits and if you really wanna lover better blow d*cks,” I’m not an ornament, I’m a monument, like the woman on freaking 20 dollar bill, so honor it, and it really kills me that you think I’d ever wanna be a princess not even a queen, and I guess I’ve ever since then hated Halloween, boy you ready for a glimpse of society I dream of."